Lets be totally honest, we are not going to harp on about passion or we have the World’s best……..

We just do what we do because we believe in Necessity.

For us its the necessity of knowing whats the best way to make gnocchi the necessity of experimenting, researching, testing, potato selecting, every day for four years to make the Gnocchi. Not because of passion, not because someone’s Italian Nonna did it a certain way, it was because we love nothing more that the richness of good butter, fresh sage, the softest most pillow like gnocchi, the sharpness of aged Reggiano and an absolute banging glass of chilled Vermentino.

Life is a myriad of needs and in that there is a need to discover food that makes you stop. That we believe is what necessary.

And for the fanaticism we have for gnocchi, just imagine how we feel about pizza.

Food is Necessary. We make it that way.