Loving Pizza

Let’s be honest were Pro Pizza so in a roundabout way that is going push the envelope for us being ‘Anti Gluten’ but before we cop a chastising from the world of coeliacs, gluten intolerance and paleo enthusiasts let me explain why Pizza is the greatest gift to world and civilisation as we know it.

Pizza has an interesting history that falls into the obscure as much as the truth but it has its place as the most recognized food in the world and will remain that way for many years to come. Flat breads and leavened breads can be traced back as far as 7000 years in Sardinian archaeological digs but it is not til about the 16th century that the reference to pizza appears in Naples, more commonly associated as a dish for poor people and it was sold in the street and not considered as a kitchen recipe.

This started to change with the discovery of tomatoes from the Americas and really became popular when the local delicacy was attributed to ‘Queen Margherita of Savoy’. Created by Raffaele Esposito considered by most as the father of modern day pizza and even suggested to have been the first time mozzarella was used. He presented 3 pizzas to the Queen to which her favourite was the one that represented the Italian colours of green (basil) red (tomato) and white (buffalo mozzarella). This reportedly started a pizza ‘fad’ that continues as strong as ever.

This food loved by the poor and by the rich has found a way to be transformed and fused into many different cultures, it can be made by anyone and enjoyed by almost everyone. I have seen things as crazy as ‘sushi pizza’, nacho pizza and even more ridiculous translations of some overly excited chefs or cheap franchises. Absolute respect to those that try but for us we love that original Naples style delicacy that can be enjoyed by all. At ‘Via’ we respect what Naples has given the world and we strive every day to represent it as best we can.

We use the best Italian ‘00’ flour, San Marzano tomatoes from Mt Vesuvius and fresh buffalo mozzarella, local olive oils and herbs. We love cooking with fire and on stone bricks. Hand stretching the bases is the only way to get the crusty rise, we so desire. In Italy you eat with a fork and knife and never cut the pizza into pieces, this is the way to enjoy the melding of ingredients under such intense heat. We won’t hold you to that but we can suggest this for that real authentic touch.

Getting back to our original thesis as to why Pizza is the greatest gift to us all, simply because without bread and the discovery of flour and its uses, civilization would have struggled to develop, beyond hunting and gathering. The nourishment and ability to create agriculture gave us this opportunity to evolve and create better living standards. As we got better with leavened bread and as we experimented with toppings and of course delicious flavours we found more ways to enjoy food and not just eat it. We share it, we make it we love it and could you imagine society without pizza………pure anarchy….

By the way every Wednesday is $12 Pizza Night……we’re all about spreading the love.